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Scheduling a tour is easy. We do our best to accommodate your schedule and limit disruption to your operations. Call (317) 572-TOUR or send us an email to get started.

A photo shoot may take up to two hours, but varies depending on the size of your business.

Please clean and tidy things up prior to the photography session. Remember that the aim of a Google Tour is to show customers exactly what they should expect to see when they visit your business.

Photo shoots generally include the main customer-facing space of your business. We encourage you to work with the photographer to determine areas of your businesses you would like to highlight or exclude.

We will work around your schedule to ensure that photos are taken at a convenient time for you and your business. Shoots do not require special lighting or setup, so you are free to stay open.

Because we want to keep the focus of the photos on the inside of your business, we aim to have as few people in the shots as possible. Those who do appear in the tour will have their faces blurred, per Google policy.

Yes, you are welcome to coordinate a repeat shoot as often as you’d like. Many businesses who have recently renovated their interiors or that have seasonal decor will request a re-shoot.

Photo shoots will exclude any areas of your businesses which you would not like to feature. All imagery will be processed to blur out faces of anyone who appears in the tour imagery. The blurring tool can also be used on security features, licence plates and computer screens upon request.

People with this authority include the owner or a director or manager with the designation to make such commitments. By agreeing to a photo shoot, you are confirming that you have that authority.

Google may use these images in other products and services in new ways that will make your business information more useful and accessible to users.

Yes, you will own all photos taken by Indianapolis 360 once you have paid for this service and the shoot is completed. You may use them in any capacity you wish. You do, however, grant license for the use of these photos to Google. Indianapolis 360 may also use the images for our internal portfolio and/or marketing materials.

Raw images require considerable post-processing to produce a walk-through experience. Therefore, you currently are not able to review the images before they are published. Such a feature is purportedly in the works, so check back for updates!

Your photos might be removed if they are found to violate the Google photo policy. You may also submit a request to have photos removed.